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One Big Build

RMHC Alberta is working toward a future when no family is turned away due to a lack of space. To get there, we are focused on plans for future expansion in our two biggest facilities, Calgary and Edmonton. This is where the existing service gap is greatest.

Our waitlists every night for a family suite in Calgary and Edmonton points to the dire need for expansion.

A family with a sick child is a sick family.

One Big Goal

We are serving only
14% of families who need to travel for pediatric care in our province

That’s only 1,100 FAMILIES with sick children

We need to
help more

An estimated
seriously ill children who bear the burden of traveling 100 km or more (round trip) to access healthcare did not stay at one of the four Ronald McDonald Houses in Alberta.

The Need

Tens of thousands of families have come through our doors and received the support and healthcare access they need. But even with all the families we've helped since 1985, we can only serve a small portion of the province who need to travel for pediatric care. With over 65% of the population living outside a location with a specialized children’s hospital—the need to travel for treatment is very high in Canada.

More Capacity

The proposed expansions will nearly triple the amount of currently available suites.

More Nights of Comfort

By expanding the Houses, we can provide an additional 45,000 nights.

That equals 70,000 Nights of Comfort!

More Families

We’ll be able to serve 2,400 families annually with our expansion—double our current number!

If I could build it,
I would.

The Ask

RMHC Alberta is seeking funding from various levels of government to continue our work supporting families with critically ill children. Our organization is also looking to our community for support to help make this happen.

Meeting theNEED will NEED$80M in support.

One Roof

RMHC keeps families
together during their
most difficult times.

  • Accessing healthcare can be difficult for the families that need it the most
  • Many barriers—from financial to emotional to physical—create hurdles for families seeking care for their sick children
  • RMHC Alberta’s four Houses exists to alleviate these barriers
  • Families can instead focus on what matters most: medical treatment of their sick or injured child

Family-centred care is what RMHC Alberta is all about.


either is
or knows
a family
who stayed
at a Ronald

With your help, the children that need us can focus on getting better and leave the building to the professionals.

At RMHC Alberta, we are working toward a future where no family has been turned away due to a lack of space. We are focusing on expanding our biggest facilities in Calgary and Edmonton. The nightly waitlists for family suites in these facilities point to the dire need for expansion. Our proposed expansion will triple the number of suites that we have available. This development will allow us to provide even more nights of comfort for families that really need it.

If they could
build it, they would.

But Together
We Can.

But Together
We Can.

Denise Kinghorn Chief Development Officer