Calgary Expansion

We are committed to making a tangible difference in our communities. By nearly tripling the number of suites, we can provide more nights of comfort for more families.

We are determined to provide more space and amenities, such as dining areas, multipurpose rooms and family suites, doubling our current capacity. Our goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment so that families can focus on what’s important–their child’s health.

June 2023

Forecasted Groundbreaking:


Forecasted Construction:

Summer 2025

Forecasted Opening:

Current Calgary Site Plan

Family Suite

A private refuge, each family suite is a quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the hospital. Two queen beds and an en-suite bathroom provide a comforting space for families to relax and unwind together.

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By walking through our doors, families find solace and comfort. Regardless of their circumstances, adjusting to a new space can be challenging. As new families arrive, they are greeted by the welcoming atmosphere of the lobby, encouraging them to settle in and make themselves at home.


A cozy spot for families to curl up with a good book. The den is the perfect place to unwind and relax with comfortable couches and plenty of blankets; it's a great place to take a break and reflect on the day.

The Progress

Construction is underway on our Calgary House as we work diligently to bring our expansion vision to life. Check out the latest images and videos below to see the incredible progress we’re making.

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Art Submissions

The Calgary House expansion will have 64 new family suites. Each suite will be 36 square meters in size. There will also be new common spaces, all of which we look forward to filling with character and warmth through art.

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Campaign Cabinet Members and Volunteers

Lanny McDonald

Honorary Co-Chair

Kevin Lowe

Honorary Co-Chair

Jordan Brown

McDonald’s Operator

Catherine Chow

CIR Realtor

Jason Evanson

CEO, RMHC Alberta

Les Gombik

Managing Partner, Caldwell

Jim Kapeluck

Wealth Advisor, Connor Clark & Lunn

David King

Wealth Advisor, Evergreen Wealth Advisory

Denise Kinghorn

CDO, RMHC Alberta

Thomas Lui

Executive VP and CFO, Brookfield Properties

Loriana Marcone

Sr Officer, RMHC Alberta

Tony Smith

Community Advocate

Mary Storry

Associate Director of Campaigns, RMHC Alberta

Expansion Committee Members and Volunteers

Aristotle Cercado

Facilities Supervisor Calgary House, RMHC Alberta

Karen Davis

General Manager Calgary House, RMHC Alberta

Jason Evanson

CEO, RMHC Alberta

Kathy Evanson

Manager of Western Canada Project Coordination, G.L. Smith Planning & Design

Thomas Lui

Executive VP and CFO, Brookfield Properties

Natasha Tiemstra

COO, RMHC Alberta

If they could
build it, they would.

But Together
We Can.

But Together
We Can.

Denise Kinghorn Chief Development Officer